May. 9th, 2007

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Financial and health woes are preventing me from going to WisCon. This sucketh beyond the telling of it, but I suppose I'll live.

I have a new, fancy-ass dentist who has all the latest gizmos, including digital x-rays, digital pics all around your mouth that produce this fancy-ass computerized diagram thingy, and LASERS. Instead of drilling, he uses lasers. I have a bunch of very small cavities that need filled (basically every molar has a bit of decay that has to be taken care of), and I had the first of three rounds of filling done a couple of weeks ago. For the laser drilling they don't have to give you novocaine unless the cavity is fairly deep. They did three fillings in about half an hour, which was pretty cool. There were times when it was a bit uncomfortable, and burning teeth smell like burning hair (for obvious reasons but it's not something that I ever gave any thought to before), and the filling stuff they use leaves a powdery residue in one's mouth. Overall, though, I'd recommend it over the previous experiences I'd had with fillings. My second round of fillings is tomorrow. Then I have to get a gum graft over the summer. Huzzah! After that, though, I should be pretty much good to go with dentistry forever, because this guy is going to do a good job with keeping on top of things, unlike my previous dentist who was of the suck.

I also have a fancy-ass new psychotherapist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (first appointment in a couple of weeks) and some fancy-ass new knee braces. And I have a fancy-ass new house into which I am going to move at the first of August. I do not have any fancy-ass new employment at this point, however, though I am ever-hopeful.


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