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I got tagged to do the "Five Eccentricities" meme, and so I shall, although I have so many eccentricities it's hard to narrow it down to just five.

1. I don't like vegetables. I'll eat salad now (although I wouldn't for about the first 25 years of my life or so), carrots and some squashes depending on how they're prepared, but that's it. No other green vegetables at all. I'm mostly all about the beige food.

2. My handwriting is perfectly legible to me, but many people (like my partner of nearly ten years now) have a hard time deciphering it. I make certain letters like "s" and "f" in different ways depending on where they are in a word, and the total effect is sort of "rounded but spikey".

3. I'm vain about my hair and spend a great deal of money on shampoo, conditioner and styling products to make it as curly as possible. I've dyed it more or less the same shade of auburn since I was sixteen. (Although, in our Western Consumer Culture, I'm not sure this is really such an eccentricity. Maybe it's eccentric that I think it's eccentric. I'll add an extra item to the list to make up for this one.)

4. My right thumb is crooked (due to having been born with two thumbs on that hand and having one taken off, which affected the growth of the remaining thumb). I could have it straightened but I'll never bother.

5. I'm absolutely fanatic about tea, and go through phases of different varieties and preparations. I've got about thirty different teas in my cabinet. In order to count as proper tea, tea should be loose leaf and high-grade, brewed with water just at the boiling point, steeped long enough to give the right flavor but not so long that it turns bitter or is too strong. This steeping point is a delicate balance and varies by tea. However, I'm very sensitive to caffeine so I have to be careful how much black tea I drink. I love tea so much that I sometimes overcaffeinate by accident, not because I'm trying to stay awake, but simply because it tastes so good. I blame Heather for this one, because she introduced me to proper tea.

6. I have pronounced obsessive tendencies. I always joke that my life motto is "anything worth doing is worth overdoing." I pretty much have two speeds, full stop and full speed ahead, no matter what the arena at hand may be. I'm trying to let this go to a certain extent, but it's difficult.

7. (To prove my eccentricity, and my adherence to no. 6, I shall add yet another one.) I'm particularly obsessive when it comes to narratives. I tend to fall in love with a given book, movie, tv show, etc. and then go overboard with it. This goes for my own books, too, which is useful since it induces me to write when that can be a painful process. But I believe there have been many times in my life when the people around me have wished sincerely and with all good will that I would just shut the fuck up.

8. (ditto) I often close emails, notes and letters with some variation on "your most humble servant, etc."


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