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The rest of the semester, until the middle of December basically, is going to consist of metric tons of marking and a second draft of a freelance project that I've got to squeeze into the middle of everything as well. It's not that unusual for me to disappear for weeks at a time, but that's probably the deal for the next few weeks. Thereafter, I hope to be freelancing full time, at least for a while, and so will hopefully be around more.

A brief update to catch up until the next time we meet:

I went to see a naturopath about all my medical woes. He put me on a bunch of homeopathic stuff and provided some theories as to what was going on and why, with which I will not bore you here. I'm starting to slowly feel better after a couple of weeks of being on the stuff, and I'm definitely sleeping much better than I have in a long while. So I'm hopeful that he's right in his assessment that I'll feel lots better by the winter holidays, and that next year will be the most productive in a while in terms of writing output.

I'm spending a couple of hours once a week playing music with a couple of guys. They're both very talented and I'm enjoying playing with them more every week. It's nice to do something that isn't writing-related in any way. I'm planning on taking a pottery class in the new year as well. I'd like to have a more well-rounded life. This might contradict my desire to be producing more writing, but then again, it might complement it. 

The strike at Jeff's uni continues to move forward. If they settle, I suspect it will be at the eleventh hour. This is very irritating, as they're going to settle eventually anyway so the administration may as well stop acting like dicks and get everything worked out. It's pretty much impossible to decide what we're going to do about holiday travel with everything remaining so unsettled. But it's one of those things that one can only endure. Use the Force and suck it up.  It will all sort itself out eventually, as will our holiday plans.

Sadly, my marking will not sort itself out, and so I'm off. Best wishes for a low-stress run-up to the holiday season for all of you.


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